Please use our Visitor Hut located near to the ferry slip to find information and maps of the island.

Bins full? Please take your litter home. Make use of the island recycling facilities: glass behind Gigha Hotel, and general recycling at the ferry slip. Our beach cleaning stations are for marine litter only. Please be aware that there are no bins located outside of Ardminish Village. 

Be kind to nature. Leave the outdoors the way that you found it and help protect our natural spaces, by leaving gates as you find them, leaving no trace and respecting our flora and fauna.

Please pick up your dog waste and dispose of responsibly. We even have bags in holders dotted around Ardminish Village. Always keep your dog in sight and under control. When in farmed areas, please keep your pooch on a lead and do not enter fields where livestock is present.

Gigha can be enjoyed much better and more easily by bike or on foot. Our road is narrow and single-track with few passing places, 20 is plenty here! Please avoid parking in front of farm gates, access points, homes or locations that will damage our environment.

If you need to have a fire, please use a stove rather than on a natural surface. Please do not bury burned material or fire remnants, and do not cut down or damage trees. Never light an open fire during prolonged dry periods, in woodlands, on peaty ground or near to buildings. 

Why not check out Gigha's Camp and Motorhome Site. The site has fantastic facilities, access to path routes, is close to the beach and is only a hop away from the Activity Centre. If you would like to wild camp, this type of camping does not include a vehicle, is lightweight, done in small numbers and only for two or three nights in any one place. Please be respectful towards our community, and do not camp in fields any fields, including those containing crops or farm animals, keep well away from buildings, roads, or historic structures.  Please leave no trace, remove all remnants, and use the public toilets available. 

Public toilets are available at the ferry slip or next to Gigha Natural Skincare/Wee Isle Cafe. Toilets are also available in Achamore Gardens, however entry to the gardens is by donation only. Please be aware that there are no toilets or other facilties located at the north, south or west of the island, so please plan ahead. 

For visitor or access guidance, please contact the Countryside Ranger: / 07596855398


Visitor Hut
Visitor Hut
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