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There's a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts on Gigha. Many islanders produce hand crafted goods that can be purchased at the Shop, the Craft Units, or sometimes you may just be lucky enough to stumble upon some local crafts for sale on your travels around the island. 

Gigha’s Natural Skincare

Situated at the Craft Units, Gigha's Natural Skincare promotes an affordable Skincare Range made with active plant materials free from harmful parabens, mineral oils, and animal products.

Owner of GNS, Morven, has been blending oils and making cream for over ten years. She had severe Eczema in her teens and found many off the shelf products either unsuitable or prohibitively expensive. Oils have been carefully chosen over the years and selected for their individual properties in each product.

Morven also offers holistic treatments such as Reiki, ear candling and massages.

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Living Tree Orchid Essences

Don Dennis, a Gigha resident, produces Living Tree Orchid Essences. His orchids are grown in greenhouses, and Don uses a non-cutting method for the essence making that is bottled and distributed worldwide from Gigha.

Visit the Living Tree Orchid Essences website or Facebook page to find out more about orchid essences and their distinguishing ability to act upon the chakras which exist above our body, their ability to create very powerful shifts in our energy fields as well as their overall strong focus on helping us directly in relation to our spiritual path.

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Facebook: Living Tree Orchid Essences | Facebook

Gigha Natural Skincare
Gigha Natural Skincare
Honesty stall
Honesty stall
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